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Travel Tip: Getting Answers to Obscure Travel Questions Before You Depart

Bill Malchisky  July 29 2014 02:00:00 AM
Image:Travel Tip: Getting Answers to Obscure Travel Questions Before You Depart
Have a food allergy and are curious if you can eat on a river cruise in Bali? How about whether a planned exotic purchase from a foreign country can be brought back home? Will you be able to replenish lost or stolen medicine at your destination? Or is it possible to purchase a vegan meal in Concourse A of an unfamiliar airport terminal?

There is a site which offers such a service: Tripatini. On their site (right most pane) you will see the Ask a Travel Pro badge. Click it and you will be able to ask your question, answered from a team member focused on such difficult queries. You will need to create an account, so read the Terms and Conditions to ensure that their service meets your needs. If so, this can remove a lot of concern or stress should you decide to explore outside of your comfort zone, or usual places of interest, or bringing young children to a new locale and you want to ensure a better trip for the entire family.

Thanks to Arthur Frommer of Frommer's Travel for the tip.

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