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    ICON UK 2016
    Session 1: Migration:Impossible...Not so
    Leaving a mail system and going to Domino, or Connections Cloud, there are some basic things one must do, and not do. Caution: Worst practices are here! Comparison of two different migrations and how to make sure yours ends up as a completed mission. Including changing Operating Systems, hosted/on premises, project plans and arbitrary deadlines.

    Session 2: Back from the Dead: When Bad Code Kills a Good Server
    Updated slides, see Engage 2016 below
    MWLUG 2016 -- Saddle Up, Penguins! The ICS Admin RHEL7 Primer is Here
    With the new products IBM will release in the next year, RHEL7 will be officially supported out-of-the-gate. But this is not the usual Linux upgrade. Here is what you need to know: containers, systemd, security, administration, and upgrade tips--all very technical. Get ready to ride.
    The BASHing Admins: The ICS Shell Scripting Class -- Updated slides
    Engage 2015, ICON US 2016
    Shell scripts do not have to be long and complex to be effective, they just need to save you time. Join BillMal as he reviews a day in the life of a busy admin to see how scripts can be used to simplify tasks and get more done in less time. This session provides foundational knowledge, then immediately moves to use cases with code samples across a few ICS products. Leave with the tools to further your scripting literacy and do more quickly at the office. [This new session makes its global debut at Engage./See you online for ICON US!]
    Engage 2016 -- Back From the Dead: How Bad Code Kills a Good Server
    It's Friday and a new customer calls. Their mission critical app is taking :05 to open documents and the users are quite concerned. Where do you start when handed a 20 year old application you have never seen, on a server you barely know? Join two IBM Champions as they dissect a complex Domino performance problem from both the administration and development side to provide a complete customer solution. The session includes best practices around problem solving techniques and a checklist you can use internally to solve quickly problems you encounter
    ICON UK 2016 version (updated): BadServer_Online.pdf
    Note: Due to the significant time commitment creating the deck utilized at both MWLUG 2014 and ICONUK 2014, the slides for "The Headless Collaborator: Sametime 9 Command Line Install" remain available only to event attendees. Thank you for your understanding.
    Engage 2014: Linux School: Advanced Administration for IBM Software
    We've covered the basics before, now let's deep dive and get to the advanced items. We'll quickly review partition approaches, then demo many command line tools and skills that can help save you time with your Linux installation and maintenance tasks -- customized for IBM/Lotus software. Tips, knowledge, techniques, and as much information as I can provide in an hour. This is a brand new session offered only to the IBM/Lotus community, making its European debut at Engage.
    BLUG 2013: The Ultimate IBM and Lotus on Linux Workshop for Windows Admins
    This deck extends beyond the similar UKLUG and MWLUG versions, as it is updated for IBM Domino 9, released one-day before I gave this session. Enjoy.
    Note: due to a bug with modifying OpenOffice templates with LibreOffice, this slide deck necessitated a non-BLUG template, with permission.
    Infrastructure Fitness and Design Simplicity for IBM Mobile Connect
    IBM Connect 2013 -- bp406.final.pdf

    Most companies are unaware of IBM Mobile Connect - the hidden authentication jewel in the IBM Collaboration portfolio. No matter if you want to start with it or if you've learned in last year's conference how to setup IBM Mobile Connect - it's now time for optimization and tuning. This session will provide you a deep dive on different installation considerations and deployment design. Join to get real-world information about topics like how to install IMC on Linux 64bit, specific problems of different operating systems and how to setup IMC in High Availability. Last but not least we'll introduce to you the new capabilities of IMC 6.1.5 which enable it to be used with Sametime Mobile, Connections Mobile and Traveler High Availability.
    The Ultimate IBM and Lotus on Linux Workshop for Windows Admins
    MWLUG 2012 Expanded Workshop Edition -- mwlug.2012.sa108.final.pdf
    UKLUG 2012 -- uklug2012LinuxWindowsAdmins.pdf
    Linux is quite simple to learn and understand when you have proper comprehension of the fundamentals. So let's teach attendees about the insights into administering a Linux server, allowing you to manage your IBM/Lotus applications with ease. You will receive highlights of the full training course Bill teaches his clients: application install tips, Linux shell techniques, basic scripting, and your questions answered throughout the class. Bring your laptop with a pre-loaded VM and follow along too! UKLUG is the only European LUG to offer Linux training this year. Be sure to join us in Cardiff!
    Considering the Cloud? Thinking Beyond the Readme File
    BLUG 2012 -- blug2012.considering.cloud.pdf
    As the Cloud computing's popularity continues to climb, should your firm become an adopter? If so, what architecture model is best for your firm? Do you know the queries to pose that can aide your business in making an informed decision? This session's focus is to reduce the set of unknowns that can create buyer's remorse. Learn to ask the direct revealing questions that normally do not get raised unless you have a skilled advisor at your side.
    Smart Plays with Compliance
    Lotusphere 2011 -- bp204.pdf

    Straight from the pages of THE VIEW Journal series on Compliance and the Lotus Admin, comes an enhanced session on the subject for Lotusphere. What is your company’s e-discovery plan? Do you even have one or is it sorely in need of a facelift? Together we will review current trends in compliance and team structuring to achieve success
    Lotus on Linux -- Technical Edition (Updated)
    UKLUG 2011 -- uklug2011LotusLinuxReport.pdf
    You asked for it. You got it! Here is the deep dive technical edition for Lotus and Linux. We know Lotus supports Linux. Let's see what's going on under the covers: install tips, partition schemas, file locations, performance tweaks. No fluff here. Traveler, Sametime Gateway, Domino...all on Linux. Get ready Manchester, Tux is coming your way.
    IdoSphere (2011)
    Note: All those who registered for IdoSphere have access to the full online session video recording

    Lotus Apps on a Linux Desktop: From OS Install Through Running the Apps

    Co-presented with my good friend, Joe Litton
    Session Link
    Attend the ultimate step-by-step installation session demonstrating the configuration of a full desktop Linux O/S running Lotus applications (Notes, Sametime, iNotes, Symphony, et alia) to help you be productive and get to your data. The presented combination works well and the overall process is easier than you thought. If you can read, look at pictures, and use a computer, you have ALL the skills you need! Let two Linux desktop experts show you where to download the O/S, then walk you through every mouse click and keystroke starting at the VERY beginning. We will finish with a functioning and attractive desktop running the Lotus applications you rely on in the real world. To ensure that you can connect to your Lotus servers, we also review VPN, open source thin client access, RDP, VNC, and WiFi: installation, configuration, and usage (defining terms along the way). Leave this session with confidence, knowing well that however you need access to your Lotus data, you can achieve it!


    Lotus on Linux Report - Technical Edition

    Session Link
    Interested in Linux but are confused with the offerings? Using Domino for Linux, but uncertain how else you can take advantage of similar IBM Lotus offerings? This thoroughly researched review covers as many Lotus on Linux products as I can cover in an hour with deep technical details for each. If that's not enough, we'll even cover usage and install tips plus provide links to free Linux Live discs. These are exciting times in the Lotus space and Linux is a key facet of their software strategy. If you are an admin and are considering Linux in your business--regardless of size--this is the session to attend.

    The eDiscovery Primer
    Consultant In Your Pocket Series
    Session link
    The need for Lotus admins to assist across intra-company teams while ensuring regulatory compliance is increasing. Whether your firm received a disclosure motion from district attorney, is being sued, or is concerned about either internal litigation or future actions, register for this session. Will your company be ready? Are your response measures taking too long? Will you be able to meet your goals? Join Bill as he provides a brief foray into the area of compliance and data management while providing tips to enhance your implementations. If you've never thought about this topic, or are having internal discussions, tune-in for some exciting and important information.
    Raising the ROI of IT with IBM Client for Smartwork
    Co-presented with Antony Satyadas, IBM
    Taking Notes Podcast coverage -- Episode 107
    We are all smart workers but do you have the best environment to work smart? Are you looking to self fund mission critical initiatives? Would you like to learn what the risks are, how the economics works, what the architecture decisions are to potentially bring your TCO down by 50%? Many of you are already using the IBM Client for Smart Work components. You could execute a "Liberate-Migrate-Virtualize" strategy to potentially raise the ROI of your IT investments. How about drafting your business case during this session and taking it to your CIO?
    Lotus on Linux Report
    ILUG 2010 -- ILUG2010.Lotus.Linux.Report.pdf
    IamLUG 2009 -- IamLUG.Lotus.Linux.Report.pdf
    What is Lotus doing with Linux today? These are exciting times in the Lotus space and Linux is a key facet of their software strategy. Let's look at all of their products supporting Linux, issues with running in production, and how business solutions using this NOS can create business saves. In this session we will discuss how Lotus is fully embracing Linux as a Domino and Notes platform. With all of the new and enhanced Notes-related products offered, keeping track of what product is available and realistic to run in your firm, can be challenging. And sometimes knowing how to install each Linux-variant product can add additional complexity. Join Bill to cover all of the products and provide some install and usage tips on each, maximizing your experience. We may even have unusually terrific Linux swag to dispense too!
    Lowering Costs: Should We Consider Lotus on Linux?
    MWLUG 2009, UKLUG 2009

    The UKLUG version is a slightly more expanded version over the Midwest LUG (MWLUG) version, and contains multi-national currency cost save numbers for UK and US. -- UKLUG.Lowering.Costs.Linux.pdf

    You just received your latest support bill from Microsoft and your firm is looking at this year's revenue forecast. How can we provide new services and cut costs? This session defines how Lotus on Linux can build a value proposition for your firm and take advantage of lower support costs, lower licensing fees, and provide more time for your Domino administrators to run your firm, while putting-out fewer fires. Learn the insight you need to help create a decision matrix for your organization and make an informed decision.

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