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    BillMal Your Lotus Palsm prefers Lotus® products for starters; somehow you knew that already... I started using Lotus Notes® in 1993 and immediately became impressed with the program and how fast developers could roll-out graphic based applications with security. Still, then I preferred sendmail on UNIX® and the uuencode tool to extract attachments--very efficient tool set for e-mail; times change. Been skiing since 1986, and helped run the ski club in college via various director positions; provided the opportunity to ski weekly and help others learn to enjoy skiing. Went to bartenders school and studied the science and techniques of mixology while there. Traveled to three continents and eleven time zones. Started coding UNIX systems in 1990 and even wrote my own shell in college. Experimented with Linux® servers in 1994 and my first Linux install on a laptop in 1996 (with Caldera Linux) told me that I should have utilized a desktop instead. Now all my laptops run Linux as do my servers, and I've converted many family members to either Linux laptops or iMac® systems (BSD®-based Linux variant).

    Upon graduating in 1995, I followed my dream and placed on Wall Street. After a short but successful career with a top commercial and investment bank, I then moved to a few different banks and a pharmaceutical firm as a consultant, ultimately deciding to stay with that line of work. Unexpectedly being downsized three times in 18 months, I started my consulting practice in 1999, focusing on helping small established firms use computers and technology better, ultimately becoming their technical advisor (in many cases). Additionally, I perform focused projects for Fortune 500® sized firms--primarily in the Lotus space. Most of my clients are regulated firms in the financial, banking, legal, government, and healthcare verticals. But quite honestly, if a client has a need, which matches my skills and culturally we will work well together, I am happy to provide a solution.

    But before you fall asleep here...take a look around and if you want some topics covered, just ask. Thanks for reading my blog. Ciao...

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