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    Bill Malchisky  August 2 2018 12:30:00 AM
    Hi Everyone - Quite a full schedule the past eight weeks and I am happy to sit down again and blog. My site has some size issues preventing new slide decks from appearing on the Presentations page. My developer is addressing the issues. As a work-around, the slides will appear here and I will move them when we launch in Q3 this year.

    Having stated that, I am thrilled to be back from both Engage and CollabSphere. Both Theo and Richard did an outstanding job with organizing and running each events. So happy for each of them as their hard work once again proved invaluable to the IBM Community. Each event adds significant value to all those involved (attendees, speakers, and sponsors) and I am pleased that once again I could present at these excellent events.

    Below are the slides and some session notes where appropriate.

    Session -- Earning the Respect of the Developers You Manage

    Session -- Linuxfest MI
    Official session announcement - IBM to support CentOS for Domino and for Domino on Docker
    • This allows for teams to deploy/expand/update an application test environment cost effectively, plus also do product evaluations easily and demos
    • Welcomed news by all in attendance
    • Pre-announcement blog post by Daniel Nashed covering his thoughts on CentOS support

    Session -- The Domino 10 RHEL 7 Primer

    Session Notes -- The ICS on Linux RoundTable
    Co-speakers: Drew Birnbaum, IBM Notes, Domino, and Messaging Offering Manager; Barry Rosen, Director of Product Management at HCL; Daniel Nashed, fellow IBM Champion and author of the Linux Start-Stop script; Martin Leyer, IBM IT Specialist

    Below are some notes from the excellent we enjoyed with the attendees--in random order
    • Support for CentOS is best effort
    • Docker release offerings beyond Linux are based upon demand; currently, Linux is the best way to deploy
    • Domino V10 will keep SLES 11
    • ILMT for Docker exists
    • HCL has ten deals for products from IBM; Domino is not the first
    • Branded products will be per user/month; true-up monthly (instead of yearly as previously with many offerings)
    • Prices already discounted
    • Domino V11 planning is underway
    • DAOS to allow storage in the cloud with an on-premises Domino box (V11)
    • Domino doesn't care about the file system
    • Daniel discussed his support find in FP10 -- a regression bug and is addressed in IF2
    • ** http://blog.nashcom.de/nashcomblog.nsf/dx/domino-9.0.1-fp10-if2-one-important-fix-is-missing.htm
    • ** "SWAS96ZP5B: Server hang due to semaphore deadlock between a doc update & nsf search (cc# 323200)"
    • No i386 support on any ICS server product -- should not be a surprise to most of you, but IBM/HCL are explicitly stating this now
    • Adding AIX to Verse on Premises
    • Sametime 10 Community Server ported to Domino x64
    • ** In 2018: new client, new community server, plus Gateway and Proxy
    • ** In 2019: new Meetings server
    • Domino 10 Minimum OS Requirements
    • ** RHEL 7.4+
    • ** SLES 11 & 12
    • ** AIX 7.2
    • ** IBM i 7.2

    Bonus reference material of interest on Domino and Docker

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