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  • IBM Verse On-premises Third Post: Updated Schema, New Features

    Bill Malchisky  September 22 2016 11:54:05 PM
    In my previous two blog posts pertaining to Verse On-premises (VOP), please note that a few of the items below were covered here previously. This serves as a metric to ascertain what key items are likely to remain. As cited here on July 18, 2016, IBM is fully committed to and on-track to make a year-end release for this product. IBM is discussing a lot of new VOP items at events in multiple cities/countries; for example MWLUG in Austin, TX. Much of what I reported on August 3, 2016 remains true. Below you will find an updated schema along with new features that are being discussed publicly in this blog post.


    Please note that everything in the post is now being discussed in-public by IBM and is provided outside, separate and distinct from any information I gained by being in the Verse On Premises beta program. The slides and content are posted with permission from Uffe Sorensen and Barry Rosen, the ICON UK Presenters.

    Foundational Topics of Interest

    * Release date is December 2016, which is aligned with my original posts from July and August
    * Verse Offline Support - released March 2016, locally encrypted local mail store

    Image:IBM Verse On-premises Third Post: Updated Schema, New Features

    Help and Learning New Features

    * On the Help tab (?), "What's New [x]" let's you know about what changed recently... and the number of new items
    * The "?" button will have a red dot next to it when new items are available and then upon selecting the menu option, the program will walk you through the GUI to display the feature(s), plus a pop-up window with the text description of each new feature

    Image:IBM Verse On-premises Third Post: Updated Schema, New Features

    * Monthly on the IBM Knowledge Center will include new features in the current month, making it easy to create an internal newsletter for your users.

    Additional Value

    * Consistency with cloud offering
    * Secure offline browser access
    * No need for a rich client, if you choose
    * Domino application access via ICAA or Notes
    * Low-bandwidth option for high-latency environments/countries
    * Integration and extensibility to match future cloud capabilities; add your applications to the menu (within Compose), business card, and while reading mail, for example; more features and increased options being developed


    New updated architectural schema (which may change again):
    * The API is new
    * Need Domino 9.0.1 FP7+, which provides over 100 fixes, VOP API hooks, NRPC port encryption, and JVM 1.8 runtime upgrade capability
    * Connections 5.5 CR1, which is optional, for Files, Profiles, Preview, Business Cards, and Team Analytics

    Image:IBM Verse On-premises Third Post: Updated Schema, New Features

    * Techline is available for sizing needs; it is akin to an iNotes deployment methodology, which should make Domino administrators very happy.

    Future Items

    * Prioritized Inbox (1H preview)
    * Action support (1H, preview) - system identifies key actions from emails and helps users complete them; partners can configure the system to identify actions from 3rd party solutions
    * "Cognitive shown in white"

    Image:IBM Verse On-premises Third Post: Updated Schema, New Features

    * Bluemix model can be added with cognitive for on-premises but may introduce a future charge - stay tuned; this capability is more complex and thus, the increased design consideration by IBM to get it correct is necessitated
    * Future updates for Verse on-premises add-ins: provided via a separate zip file from FPs, but there may be some back-end features deployed through Domino FPs
    * Sametime presence awareness under consideration, post-GA
    * Language support: English first, then all languages will be provided; VOP will be available in all cloud based languages; future features are dependent upon the language schedule roll-out to teach and code Watson to make it aware of them. English, German, Japanese (funded by two local companies); huge cost to teach a language to Watson, but it is a prerequisite and IBM wants to do this. Relevant as VOP is dependent upon Watson for the cognitive aspects

    Thanks for reading. Let me know your thoughts. Have a great day!

    Image:IBM Verse On-premises Third Post: Updated Schema, New Features
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