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  • IBM Verse On-premises Architecture and Insight

    Bill Malchisky  August 3 2016 12:30:00 AM
    Yesterday, IBM provided a preview call for select customers covering IBM Verse On-premises (VOP). Those in attendance were amongst the first to receive updated particulars on this product. I explicitly asked and received permission to provide this information. Here is a subset of relevant items discussed/presented.

    Disclaimer: As certain features are still being developed, anything and everything below is subject to change. The data below reflects what was presented to me and is believed to be accurate at the time of this writing.

    Image:IBM Verse On-premises Architecture and Insight

    Data Points
    * IBM professed that the installation would be easy (second body paragraph in that post); from the diagram above and responses provided on the call, they are keeping to that promise
    * The Indexing Service will be one of two options: Domino or another DB
       ** I asked if that would be No-SQL or an RDBMS? IBM offered that it would be either Domino or a simple No-SQL indexing solution; for me, this is very encouraging
    * SOLR is used with Verse Cloud for high-speed searching, but is neither required for Verse on-premises nor should it be perceived as such; again, it will be a simple indexing service or Domino to run it
    * IBM Techline will be Verse On-premises trained and knowledgeable very soon; so those with Techline access will be able to receive information on server sizing, for example
    * Connections is optional. What it provides is the ability to receive the faces features at the top of the mail client, the Me to We capability, and sharing messages in a social space, for example
       ** If you incorporate Connections, you must use Connections 5.5; older versions omit enhanced key features that Verse On-Premises requires
    * Fix Packs
       ** The latest Domino fixpack will be required; which will be either FP7 or FP8
       ** Domino FP7 has a target release date of August 27th, +- a couple of days
       ** Domino FP8 is well underway with planning, and may or may not be available in-time for the Nov/Dec VOP release

    * IBM is looking to provide entitlements and keep it affordable
    * Will be available in Passport Advantage as a option for all customers that are current on their licenses and support costs

    I will blog more as I learn more and am permitted to do so. Once I enter the VOP beta program later this week, I may not be able to write as much as I would like (if at all). Let me know your thoughts.

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