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  • "Why the Largest Companies in the World Count on Linux Servers"

    Bill Malchisky  May 8 2017 09:00:00 PM
    I read this morning a great piece in Linux Journal by Petros Koutoupis. The author's name being new to me, I read the article with an open mind. What I found is this introductory level article offered a decent dissection of this important topic. As I've covered over the years in my Lotus on Linux Report presentation series, more companies outside of Microsoft use Linux for their edge servers than any other operating system. That data point continues to this day. Additionally, despite recent desktop support changes, IBM has and still does a lot for Linux behind the scenes, and anticipate covering some of that in my Engage session later today. What surprised me was my learning that Mr. Koutoupis works for IBM. You would not know that until the end of the article. So he wrote --- in my opinion --- a very fair and informative piece.

    If you have customers that want to know why they should use Linux or are afraid, then some aspects of Mr. Koutoupis' article may help you in those conversations. You can also refer to my presentation, entitled, "Lowering Costs: Should We Consider Lotus on Linux?"

    Title: "Why the Largest Companies in the World Count on Linux Servers"
    Source: Linux Journal
    Author: Petros Koutoupis
    Publication Date: May 7, 2017

    There are also two links in his article of importance
    1. Hybrid Cloud Security with z Systems
    2. Learn more about LinuxONE's ability to help business consolidate servers
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