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    Bill Malchisky  December 17 2014 02:00:00 AM
    It is with great pleasure that I announce Voice of the Partner is in production! This tool provides IBM Collaboration Solutions business partners a new feedback continuity site to interface directly with IBM. As alluded to within my beta launch blog post, the past three months proved quite busy, culminating in this promised mid-December launch.

    Please understand this is a volunteer effort for me and the scope of BPs in good standing is massive. Thus, I am breaking the overall group down into three waves. The first group includes over 100 unique companies that are active within the community through sponsoring IC15, sponsored user group events recently, and BPs that have IBM Champions. That set will keep me busy for at least a few of days as I send announcement e-mails, then process those responses with my IBM contact. Once on-board, the ensuing two waves will be constructed from received requests and member suggested companies, the tertiary wave being on-going. To help ensure outreach to the greater ICS business partner community, IBM's relevant social media accounts and the next couple of BP newsletters will be mentioning the tool.

    How to Join

    If your company would like to be involved and gain access to this excellent environment, please perform the following three steps:
    1. Select up to two people to represent your company (e.g. Administration and development issue contacts; but can be whatever you want)
    2. Send me an e-mail via this link with the name(s) and e-mail address(es) utilized for IBM Connections Cloud (formerly SmartCloud)
    3. Optional: Indicate if you want Sametime awareness on each account, thus allowing partners to IM members; omitting this value equates opting-out

    A. Altering the subject will delay your processing significantly
    B. Succeeding access is a queue: the sooner you request it, the sooner you will receive it
    C. Your access confirmation will be sent via IBM Connections Cloud site
    D. It is expected that ICS BPs can and should submit relevant content on-behalf of their customers--therefore strengthening that relationship while maintaining discretion
    E. If you need to swap a name in the future, use the above e-mail link with the message body containing the name to demote and the name to promote

    What You Can Expect

    * One big change since the beta announcement, is that we are now utilizing IBM Connections Cloud
    * The Connections Community's Overview page explains the overall workflow--please adhere to it
    * The Dashboard is version 1.0, data will be updated quarterly, and evolved over the next two quarters
    * IBM is building an internal framework to properly assign issue owners and ensure a proper response within a reasonable time-frame; please be patient as we work with them

    If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below, contact me via Twitter or Skype, or privately here.

    This project is a tremendous benefit to the ICS BP community and I want to thank IBM for their outstanding support and commitment at the highest levels to ensure success.


    1Sandra Bühler  12/17/2014 8:02:25 AM  Get Access -- Voice of the Partner is Live

    Bill, once again. Thank you for the time you invested and setting up the possibility of being heard as a ICS BP.


    2Peter Presnell  12/17/2014 8:05:18 AM  Get Access -- Voice of the Partner is Live

    While there are always plenty of people willing to bitch about IBM and its lack of engagement with the community there are precious few prepared to get up off their sitting apparatus and do something. You are to be congratulated for your initiative in making this happen. I hope it lives up to the expectations of all who chose to get involved.

    3Murali Raman  6/12/2015 6:31:43 AM  Get Access -- Voice of the Partner is Live

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