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Update: IBM Notes on MacOS High Sierra Support

Bill Malchisky  November 30 2017 02:00:00 AM
Ever since Apple released High Sierra (macOS 10.13) on 25 September 2017, there have been some interesting hiccups with certain network reliant products. I’ve worked with people on resetting encryption key rings for VPN tools and IPSEC connections, as one example. On the IBM side and as many of you know, Notes on Mac x64 has been a challenge (Including other IBM products). In working very closely with IBM on this issue, I wanted you to know the latest status.

Issue Summary

1. If you install Notes fresh on High Sierra, Notes will crash during the installation. If you keep at it, you will be successful, but the number of installation attempts varied a bit in our testing; the Technote (see below) states a second time shall succeed; in some cases we had to go more than that, but in the end, it would install. Thus, the installer instability is a problem;

2. If Notes is installed before upgrading to High Sierra, then Notes will keep working fine upon upgrading the macOS. In testing on my own iMac, installing Notes before upgrading to High Sierra worked well, though, I did notice that occasionally, the background on some icons changed colors until Notes is restarted. Example, the image icon inside an Action Button;

3. Additionally, we observed the installation issue both on the iMac and MBP platforms, so the installer issue does not appear to be hardware related.

Technote on IBM Support for Notes on High Sierra

Issue Update

* IBM reported that the fix would be released on 25 October 2017
* As of 30 November, IBM is still working on a quality, stable, reliable update
* IBM promised me an ETA by Friday, 1 December with when the fix will be available for my team to test
* Although conjecture, I suspect the broad reaching changes High Sierra introduced are delaying IBM's release
* With my client, we opened a PMR on 2 October and immediately worked closely with IBM on a fix
* We held (and continue) weekly meetings which include this PMR
* My direct communications with our assigned IBM L2 Support Technician are frequent and on-going
* It is import to note that IBM is also experiencing this issue and escalated internally through their own PMR
* I am not authorized to indicate how high or by whom, but know this matter is getting the correct attention inside IBM

Resolution Request

* My ask of IBM is to provide a stable reliable Notes 9.0.1 installer containing the latest IF12 patch
* That way we can do things in one shot, after waiting so long
* Honestly, we have not received a confirmation on whether they will provide just the installer or combine the patch, but that is our request

Let me know if you have any additional questions.


1Lars Berntrop-Bos  12/4/17 1:29:06 AM  Update: IBM Notes on MacOS High Sierra Support

Installers for ALL platforms which enable you to install the latest version including FixPack, IF and JVM patches in one go would be very welcome.

There are a lot of features in fp8/fp9, one of the more prominent being the additional crossover of JVM 1.6 to 1.8.

Since JVM 1.6 is out of support already I would very much prefer not to have to install which has a 1.6 JVM as its only JVM.'

Reinstalling a 9.0.1 client is now much to convoluted a process.

2Lars Berntrop-Bos  12/4/17 1:48:58 AM  And PLEASE fix the JVM update installer

By which I mean that the proces of installing a JVM update, which seems to finish, but then needs you to click a button to close the window and then wait for some extra process to finish installing the JVM is... is... (lost for words to politely describe the depth of disgust I feel at the current process)

Granted, if you read the the last dialog it does say it still needs to finish the install. If you read it very carefully. But I consider this a very bad UI decision, and would much prefer the last dialog to only show when the process is DONE.

Also the inability of a FixPack to install over a client install with no hotfix or IF but with an updated JVM is not acceptable. If they are going to improve the installer, please improve this too.

3Lars Berntrop-Bos  12/4/17 2:01:11 AM  Update: IBM Notes on MacOS High Sierra Support

See also: https://xpage.me/2017/11/30/beware-the-lotus-domino-userid-error-in-domino-9-0-1-fp8-fp9-and-other-upgrade-musings/

Also, my last comment bears expanding: the inability of a FixPack or FeaturePack installer to update a Client or Domino with an updated JVM is reallly annoying. You do the work, trying to be up to date and follow the published fixes including the JVM fixes.

For which your are then punished by the next FixPack or FeaturePack installer not working...

Not a very pleasant experience. Verifying the JVM: fine. Installing perhaps an older version: fine. Refusing to update because the install was properly kept up to date: NOT FINE.

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