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  • Update Three: IBM Notes on MacOS High Sierra Support

    Bill Malchisky  January 8 2018 05:40:00 AM
    Note: This update is provided with approval from IBM

    Below is my third installment on IBM's official support for macOS High Sierra (OS X 10.13). Exciting progress!

    Issue Update

    * IBM contacted me on Thursday, 4 Jan 18 with an update on the build process
    * IBM provided the first-cut of the build outside of IBM on Friday, 5 Jan 18
    * IBM tested it for a multitude of installation scenarios, some of which our AVL reviewed with me

    Resolution Request

    * In confirming what the release includes, it is a base installer only
    * As per my L2 contact, the following three points were also discussed:
          1. ND 9.0.1 Interim Fixes are available as a separate download, to be installed after installation
          2. IBM tested against targeted High Sierra fixes
          3. Any IBM updates necessary for Meltdown or Spectre would be included separately

    Testing Results

    * We started testing the build on Friday, 5 Jan 18
    * Although preliminary in nature, we were able to install Notes on High Sierra, which we could not do previously
    * We have more machines and testing to complete, but the initial results are encouraging
    * Only a very small group of entities have the code currently, and I am happy to be involved with the testing process, as well as receive permission to blog my work with IBM on this PMR
    * Although conjecture, I believe IBM is being very careful with this release, due to the scope and complexity of the OS level changes High Sierra introduces

    Historical Links

    Initial Update (With Technote Link)
    Update Two

    1Aleix  1/22/2018 11:41:39 AM  Update Three: IBM Notes on MacOS High Sierra Support

    I need this fix please,

    can you tell me how to get it?

    2Bill Malchisky  1/29/2018 10:01:27 AM  Update Three: IBM Notes on MacOS High Sierra Support

    Hi Aleix - As per my latest update, it won't be long now... { Link }

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