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Update Two: IBM Notes on MacOS High Sierra Support

Bill Malchisky  January 3 2018 11:00:00 AM
Happy New Year, Everyone. Just a quick update on the work with IBM for Notes on MacOS High Sierra. My original post is here.

Issue Update

* IBM promised me an update on 1 Dec, which they kept
* IBM thought they could provide a beta cut to us around mid-December
* IBM identified an issue in the installer, requiring additional adjustments and testing
* They are currently testing the changes after the year-end holiday break
* Glad they want to get it correct the first time
* My next meeting on this matter is Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Resolution Request

* As per the ask, I have no updates yet as to the extent of the additional patches in the to be offered fix
* I will ask during my next call as to whether IF12 is included or not

Disclaimer: I did receive permission from IBM to post this update

1Gregg Eldred  1/3/18 12:16:59 PM  Update Two: IBM Notes on MacOS High Sierra Support


I've been battling Notes on High Sierra for a week. In the end, this is how I got it to work.

1. Uninstalled Notes via the 9.0.1 packaged uninstaller

2. Restarted

3. Installed and got the error, so installed again and got the green check

4. Restarted

5. Without opening Notes, installed HF861, got the green check

6. Restarted

7. Opened Notes, no crash, and it went to config screen.

8. Configured Notes and it is now running on High Sierral.

I, too, have a PMR open with IBM on this. They have said that I may need a "soon to be released" hot fix, but in the meantime, it's working, so I'm not worried.

2Todd Carpenter  1/3/18 12:37:04 PM  Update Two: IBM Notes on MacOS High Sierra Support

Have you been successful in getting the 9.0.1 client installed on a fresh High Sierra machine?

So far I have not been able to. I also have a PMR open.

3Bill Malchisky  1/3/18 6:11:46 PM  Update Two: IBM Notes on MacOS High Sierra Support

@Greg - Thanks - great process. Tenacity wins the day.

@Todd, Yes, there is a difference upgrading in-place (which works) or on a new machine. The new machine is the basis of our PMR.

The bigger challenge is automating the installer for thousands of MBPs. For that, we need the fixed installer.

When I get the fixed and tested installer, I'll post an update to let you guys know how it goes and what is included.

4Fredrik Norling  1/4/18 12:43:15 AM  Update Two: IBM Notes on MacOS High Sierra Support

Perhaps this one is of interest on the subject Mac

Is Java 9 Supported on IBM Notes 64-bit Client for Mac?

{ Link }

5Bill Malchisky  1/4/18 10:35:57 AM  Update Two: IBM Notes on MacOS High Sierra Support

Thanks, Fredrik. Actually, that did come-up yesterday in a meeting with a customer.

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