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If You Would Like a x64 Notes Client on Windows, Read This

Bill Malchisky  February 3 2014 02:25:39 PM
Update: For those that observed the Mail Next demo at IC14 (which boasts a Domino back-end), one could extrapolate that the Notes client's days may be numbered -- but admittedly no such indication was hinted. Either way, the massive installation base will not disappear overnight and those users will need updates. After what I learned at IC14 and knowing that many people have asked for this client permutation over the years, I thought I would take a survey if you will, as there is an available window if still important to you or your customers.

Update 2: Christian commented below on SPR # GHAT8ERK8X for this issue, along with a Customer Report with APAR LO59080. Again, if of interest, you can attach your support there too.

While at IBM Connect 2014, I heard that a prototype x64 Windows Notes client is in the works -- rumor perhaps, but it is intriguing. I also know that unless there is a business justification, IBM will spend development and testing dollars elsewhere -- which also makes sense and is prudent. There are lots of internal prototypes at any ISV/OEM, few of which see the light of day. What their respective clients want and need ultimately moves any subset of prototypes towards a production release: customer input drives business decisions.

Three Cases Where Needs Drove Product Development

Successful business justification examples include the following three cases:
1. Domino went to x64 because of increased memory needs on bigger servers
2. Apple is pulling the i386 JVM in OS X, so future IBM Notes clients will be x64 (out of necessity)
3. Traveler went to x64 as it utilizes 1 thread/connection and can only scale with additional address space

Being Heard

Therefore, if you feel a Windows x64 client is important to you or your business, here is what you can do:
1. Contact your support account manager, ICS liaison, or ICS sales rep to provide input
2. Send the request to me via e-mail, Skype, or DM
3. Comment on this blog post with your thoughts and justification

I will catalogue any entries provided to me, while providing your feedback to development and track such requests. There is openness within development currently, but it will only happen if customers need it, as opposed to wanting it 'just because'.

In the end, all products will need to move to an x64 format as in 2038, you'll only be able to run i386 compiled programs within a complex emulator. Between now and then, how fast any one product moves to x64 is up to you and your business needs. If this is important to you, be heard.

I personally have no interest either way, but am willing to be a focal point for the community if people still think this client flavor is important.

1Christin  2/4/14 6:32:25 AM  If You Would Like a x64 Notes Client on Windows, Read This

Hi Bill,

We heard the same rumor at Connect 2014 and since curiosity kills the cat (and probably the Domino Admin too, for that matter) I opened a PMR at the Big Blue and asked. Here is what they said in case someone else would like to add their request to it:

"We can only inform you that there is only Lotus Notes Standard Client on 32bit (8.5.3 and 9 version) and these can be installed on a 64-bit system. We were informed by engineer from level 2 that there is no information about release date for 64bit Notes Standard Client at the moment. During research we found SPR # GHAT8ERK8X for this issue. Regarding this we created for you a Customer Report with APAR LO59080. When weight of this customer reports will increase sufficiently, SPR may be re-raised for triage for an upcoming maintenance or feature release."

2Bill Malchisky  2/4/14 6:45:31 AM  If You Would Like a x64 Notes Client on Windows, Read This

Thank you, Christin. Support can only comment upon in production offerings. As such, their line to you is accurate and you were correct to open a PMR and get attached to the SPR.

Added above too.

3Stevan Bajić  2/7/14 3:33:23 AM  If You Would Like a x64 Notes Client on Windows, Read This

Stephen Gainer has a small list of Q&A from 'Ask the Developers @ Connect 2014' (https://www.socialbizug.org/blogs/StephenGainer/entry/connect2014_ask_the_developers) and there you can see the following:

Will we see a 64 bit client soon?

We already have plans for the Mac, but not the PC at this time.

Does not look good for the PC. :(

4Bill Malchisky  2/10/14 9:10:04 AM  If You Would Like a x64 Notes Client on Windows, Read This


Yes, as I referenced above, the Mac looks good as Apple is forcing x64 JVM, so IBM has little choice.

Windows lacks plans, as no stong customer case has been made for an x64 flavor. Hence why I wrote this post. If it is important to you, then at the very least attach your company to the APAR and SPR.

Plans are made when customers provide feedback; lacking feedback, no plans are made.

Thanks for comment and the link.


5Erik  4/10/14 11:15:57 AM  If You Would Like a x64 Notes Client on Windows, Read This

I would love the x64 client as I deal with large databases and utilizing the expanded memory versus the page write situation I have clients constantly fighting now would be a huge performance improvement (I would imagine). The package that I utilize has requirements to have full data sets in the field with no network connection, thus the traditional client is the best answer.

6Wayn Goossen  11/25/15 3:40:20 PM  If You Would Like a x64 Notes Client on Windows, Read This

I am continually fighting installation and startup issues with the 32 bit version of Notes on x64 machines. In some cases, the install fails with error code 1603. Other times, the install succeeds, but on load, the client just hangs and eventually shows a message "IBM Notes failed to start successfully. To collect diagnostics, click Start > All Programs > IBM Applications > Support > Collect IBM Notes diagnostics data, and leave Notes running. To resolve the issue, try reinstalling Notes.

7Bill  5/20/16 7:32:13 AM  If You Would Like a x64 Notes Client on Windows, Read This

I haven't had problems (yet) with 64 bit windows, but what I would love is an installer that will recognize and work on 64bit Ubuntu.

8Zvoni  12/6/16 2:12:49 AM  If You Would Like a x64 Notes Client on Windows, Read This

Agree with Wayn Goossen.

Exactly the same problem here

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