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Devious Bank Fraud Malware Discovered

Bill Malchisky  August 8 2011 12:41:28 PM
Today, noted security blogger Krebs on Security posted a story coming out of Germany on a nasty Trojan horse affecting Windows users. If you access online accounts, or your family members do, then this post should be of interest to you.

The full story is located here, entitled, "Trojan Tricks Victims Into Transferring Funds"
There exists a decent two paragraph synopsis on a linking blog: Bruce Schneier's synopsis

Either way, be careful with financial accounts, keep your malware detection software updated, scan regularly, and if you can, use a Linux or Macintosh computer for your financial transactions, as this particular malware runs on Windows machines. You may know how to protect yourself, but many of our elder family members will not. This type of malware attack could definitely trick them with devastating financial consequences.


1Christian Tillmanns  8/8/11 8:09:54 PM  Devious Bank Fraud Malware Discovered

"....keep your malware updated..."

Where do I get the updates for the malware?

2Bill Malchisky  8/8/11 8:55:48 PM  Devious Bank Fraud Malware Discovered

Inadvertent omission. Fixed. Thanks.

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