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  • Netbook Performance Woes? Open Source Has An Answer

    Bill Malchisky  October 12 2011 12:15:00 AM
    What I love about the open source community is that they can quickly respond to industry/user demands in a small fraction of the time of their closed source counterparts. Here is a great example. Netbooks are useful devices, slightly less popular now with the advent of the tablet, but they are still selling and have their place. To that point, many of the operating systems that run on them tend to force users to make a decision between two mutually exclusive capabilities: features vs performance. You either lose a significant amount of features or everything seems like it takes eons to complete. How do you handle that? Linux.

    Enter lubuntu, the Lightweight Ubuntu version running a smaller version of the X Window version 11 environment, or LXDE specifically (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment). Thus, you receive a full feature rich desktop environment with the quickness of a full desktop all on a smaller lighter form factor.

    The main site has some nice screencasts covering some of the key features. Know that because it uses LXDE you get a desktop environment rather than the simplified netbook Unity variant.

    Lifehacker did a nice review on lubuntu which has a few tech tips as well. You can find it here.

    For more information, check out these sites:
    Lubuntu Desktop Project Wiki
    LXDE main site

    Take it for a spin...
    Image:Netbook Performance Woes? Open Source Has An Answer
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