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Heading to MWLUG and Taking the Linux Pre-LUG Workshop? Here’s What You Need Before Class

Bill Malchisky  August 18 2013 08:42:59 PM
MWLUG attendees recall that on Wednesday, 21 August, there are two excellent pre-event workshops, both commencing at 1pm. First, my good friends Mike McGarel and Devin Olson are offering their Build a Bean session for developers. For administrators, I will be offering Building Your ICS Test Environment with Linux. Both should be knowledge packed and we hope you can attend.

If administration or furthering your Linux knowledge is appetizing, please take a few minutes before the session to follow the steps below so that we can start class straight away.

Due to licensing restrictions, I am unable to distribute the software even on a temporary basis in-class as would be preferred. Thus, I provided the following time saving list to simplify the task of acquiring it.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

Nota Bene -- if you would prefer to attend and watch your neighbor run through the exercises, or just observe, that is perfectly fine. I am more than happy to have anyone attend who wants to do so; software is a bonus, not a requirement.

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to seeing you all in Indianapolis!

Time permitting, we will be working with Domino 9, Traveler 9, and demoing Protector for Mail Security 2.9

0. At least one Linux VM (Red Hat 6 Update 3+ or CentOS 6.3/6.4, fully patched)
Note: if you have the ISO, arrive a few minutes early as there will be time just before and the beginning of class to complete, if better for your schedule

1. If you are already an ICS customer for the above products, then please download and bring with you the respective Passport Advantage files for Red Hat Linux
A) Domino: IBM Domino Server V9.0 32 bit for Linux for xSeries English(CIBM4EN) --OR-- IBM Domino Server V9.0 64 bit for Linux for xSeries English(CIGW3EN)
    Note: the selected file just needs to match your Linux VM as i386 or x64
B) Traveler: NOTES_TRAVELR_9.0_LINUX_XS_ML.tar.gz
C) If you have time, head to IBM Fix Central and grab IF3 for Domino on Linux and iNotes on Linux, plus the "DominoServer_90IF3_CCNI95J8PM" {three files total, from the same page}

This should only take a few minutes.

2. Else,
Please download the trial version of the following program:
A) Lotus Domino - http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/downloads/ls/lsds/
B) After logging-in, select option two from the list -- "IBM Domino Enterprise Server V9.0 Social Edition Mutilplatform English Trial eAssembly"
C) Next, you will need to acknowledge terms, etc.
D) Select two files to download from the list --
1. "IBM Domino Enterprise Server V9.0 Linux for xSeries 64-bit English Trial" -- OR -- "IBM Domino Enterprise Server V9.0 Linux for xSeries 32-bit English Trial", matched to your Linux VM as i386 or x64
2. "Trial-IBM Domino Enterprise Server Evaluation License V9.0 Multilingual"
  Note: Please do not attempt to download this at the hotel


1Ray Bilyk  8/19/13 6:59:42 AM  Heading to MWLUG and Taking the Linux Pre-LUG Workshop? Here’s What You Need Before Class

And I was getting ready to send you an email asking you about this...

See you there!

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