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  • Linux Job Outlook Remains Strong

    Bill Malchisky  May 31 2013 09:00:00 PM
    Though sitting in my draft folder a couple months, I wanted to get this out to you, with a few updated links. Simply put: companies need Linux talent and now.

    As reported via Dice back in early 2012, "Strong Demand Drives Higher Salaries, More Perks for Linux Professionals." A few months later in PC World's April 2012 report, Linux skills demand remained high. That Linux skills demand level continued throughout 2012 into October with another interesting piece from PC World. The trend persisted still with the Dice 2013 Linux Jobs Report, released in February 2013 (full report here). Today, the demand is still there and remains very strong. Open source development, mobility devices, cloud infrastructure, firewalls, NAS, and on-premises servers all use Linux software in one form or another, with increasing numbers.

    Here are a few Infographics from the Linux Foundation (the first two are included below)
    "Linux adoption growing to support cloud and mission-critical workloads" -- Enterprise End User Report
    "2013 Linux Jobs Report: Pressing Need For Linux Talent" -- Linux Jobs Report
    "A Year For A Kernel Maintainer" -- via Greg Kroah-Hartman
    Linux Leads CES Headlines

    If you are not looking at learning Linux, at least at a cursory understanding level at home, you might consider it. There are plenty of resources out there, a few of which appear on my blog here and here.

    Three Common Objections To Learning Something New
    (I care... sorry if it is bothersome)  
    "I run Windows at home." --> Install a virtual machine management tool or get and use Cygwin
    "My budget doesn't have money for a VM tool now." --> Use Virtual Box -- it is free, and quite good
    "I don't have time." --> Watch one less TV program a week; that should provide :30 to :60 more per week -- besides, all the best programs are on recess til September

    If you have questions, ask me, or for more involved learning, we can discuss a training class or two. Regardless, the more you know with technology, the more valuable you are. Have a great weekend.

    Image:Linux Job Outlook Remains StrongImage:Linux Job Outlook Remains Strong
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