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A Busy Week and Thursday at IBM Connect 2013 -- Content on the Final Day

Bill Malchisky  January 10 2013 06:00:00 AM
As usual, a busy week lies ahead for Orlando, and I am very excited. Happy to help in a few areas this week, grateful to be speaking again.


First, we have Soccer Saturday, as a pre-conference event -- which initiates just before B.A.L.D. (usually commencing around 3:30 pm on the Boardwalk--Big River Brewery), followed by The Annual ESPN Party (the past two years have been quite busy due to NFL playoff games, which won't be an issue this year, so we should be fine for attendance). A full but enjoyable day with friends and attendees.


The ever anticipated Great Geek Challenge where I will be attending and happily contributing to the laughter and great fun that this event provides. If you have never been before, please do make a point to join the group. Tuesday evening, 8-10 PM, The Fountain Restaurant, Dolphin Hotel, next to the escalators.

Notation: if the IBM Connect agenda application is not working for you, then consider Mat Newman's unofficial unsupported Notes application entitled ConnectOsphere. It works right out of the box! Just wonderful. He has a small team which all worked quite hard to help the Lotus/IBM Community, and he properly credits their assistance. You can get the application here. Also a huge. "Thank You," to Ben Langhinrichs for all his outstanding work over the past 12 years on his conference application.

My speaking schedule follows.

Time Session Location
8:30 BP406 - Infrastructure Fitness and Design Simplicity for IBM Mobile Connect

Abstract: Many customers are unaware of IBM Mobile Connect - the hidden authentication jewel in the IBM Collaboration portfolio. No matter if you want to start with it or if you've learned in last year's conference how to setup IBM Mobile Connect - it's now time for optimization and tuning. This session will provide you a deep dive on different installation considerations and deployment design. Join us to get real-world information about topics,  like how to install IMC on Linux 64bit, specific problems of different operating systems and how to setup IMC in High Availability. Last but not least, we'll introduce to you the new capabilities of IMC 6.1.5 which enable it to be used with IBM Sametime Mobile, IBM Connections Mobile and IBM Traveler High Availability. Co-speaker: René Winkelmeyer

Dolphin N. Hem E
10:00 GURUpalooza! Swan SW 5  - 10
12:15 - 1:30 Linuxfest IV -- Stop by and bring your box lunch after your last morning session. Done in-time to attend Ask the Developers. Details are here. Co-speaker: Wes Morgan Dolphin Hotel - Sum Chow's (Next to Picabu, Level 1)

Finally, if you see me at IBM Connect 2013, please do say, "Hello."  It's always great to meet more people in the IBM community. Have a great 2013 everyone. See you in Florida.
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