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Attention All Loti, ICS Faithful, and IBM Community Members... A New Conference is Coming in 2018!

Bill Malchisky  April 28 2017 12:05:00 AM
IBM Think 2018. Bringing together World of Watson and InterConnect to form the technology industry's most important event

Great news! I am very excited to report that IBM is doing something excellent with their conferences next year. IBM is combining Connect, InterConnect, World of Watson, PartnerWorld, Edge, Amplify, and Vision all into one massive technology show in 2018. What is this conference called? IBM Think 2018!  In my opinion, this is a logical move with IBM recognizing customers and partners are making difficult travel and resource choices for conferences. By merging the list of important IBM knowledge and networking focused events, they create an easier path for interested parties to see all the great solutions IBM has to offer.

Additionally, IBM is making a very smart decision with a JAM session to receive conference planning input from prospective attendees/community members. You can receive the JAM registration announcement by using your e-mail address right on the conference page. With a show this big, it is wise to receive input from your customers and business partners to make it a valuable experience. Nice move.

I am looking forward to attending and already making plans to do so. Will you join your fellow members of the IBM Community next year at IBM's largest conference of 2018?

"You will learn about the latest advances in technology, hear keynotes previewing the newest solutions and network with industry leaders and peers."

IBM Think, happening in Las Vegas, Nevada March 19-22, 2018.
JAM Dates: June 20, 21 & 22, 2017
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