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  • Engage 2015 was Exceptional -- Plus New Domino Script Released

    Bill Malchisky  April 3 2015 02:30:00 AM
    Image:Engage 2015 was Exceptional -- Plus New Domino Script Released
    This year, the Engage 2015 crew accepted my abstract to present at their conference in Ghent, Belgium, for which i am grateful. The experience overall proved gratifying on many levels.

    First, the top-notch planning and execution by Theo Heselmans and his team proved quite exceptional. From the amazing city and venue to the flow of the event. Details properly covered and enhancements seen throughout the event all proved to be well received. With 30 sponsors this year, Theo's Engage by BLUG brand is well received and to me is recognized as a means for vendors to connect with both prospects and customers. I wish continued success to him and his event.

    Next, Ghent proved wonderful as both a host city rich in history, a beautiful layout full of town squares and churches, plus and an easy location to location. The venue really proved to be something special: fo`r example, the speakers' room's ceiling being painted in c.1230 AD.

    Looking forward to learning of next year's event and submitting an abstract.

    On that note, I posted the slides for my presentation -- The BASHing Admins: The ICS Shell Scripting Class. I enjoyed speaking before a wonderful group of attendees who wanted to learn to be more efficient at work through scripting and get more done in less time on their Linux systems.

    Finally, during my session, Daniel Nashed launched his latest Domino Start Stop script with systemd support. He appeared for the launch to answer any questions, while also receiving a well deserved ovation for his scripting excellence contributions over the years. You can get latest code at http://tinyurl.com/dominostartstop

    Overall, just an exceptional experience and thrilled to be a part of it.

    Image:Engage 2015 was Exceptional -- Plus New Domino Script Released
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