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Thanks, Bruce!

Bill Malchisky  October 2 2013 02:05:06 AM
Today marks a milestone with the ICS Community as Bruce Elgort is stepping down from his primary role with OpenNTF; while expanding his teaching role with Clark College. I wish him well as this chapter closes and a new chapter in his life commences.

Way back in November 2007, I visited IdeaJam just after it launched and enjoyed a long night of voting on items and making comments on the ideas. Bruce found me online, introduced himself, and thanked me for the input on his site. After a long and memorable discussion, he invited me to the LS08 B.A.L.D. with the express interest of meeting me. We've been good friends ever since. He introduced me to the Lotus Community and took interest in my early attempts to educate the community on the benefits of Linux for their Lotus software, for which I am grateful.

His commitment to the community is significant on many levels: through his products, presentations, Taking Notes Podcast series with Julian Robichaux, OpenNTF work, fostering a sense of community in the truest sense of the word, and his heartfelt zeal. I appreciate all he has done for the ICS/IBM/Lotus Community over the years. But most of all, I appreciate his kindness.

Thank you, Bruce.

Image:Thanks, Bruce!


1Gayle Elgort  10/2/13 12:20:48 PM  Thanks, Bruce!

Hey...I know that picture! We have it framed and sitting on our credenza! Thanks for taking that pic!! :D

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