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Some Fun at BLUG

Bill Malchisky  March 28 2013 01:03:21 AM
Our illustrious BLUG organizer Theo Heselmans had a surprise for us. During a special event for the speakers and sponsors, he arranged for a Dutch artist to arrive and sketch caricatures for anyone invited. As I recall, there were 31 completed in about three hours (plus time for a couple of breaks). So the artist named, Thijs, worked tirelessly creating art. He had two LCD monitors setup, the second was facing the victim volunteer, so we each could see the picture evolve. I believe that Tice used a version of Corel Draw to create his art, quite quickly as well. Great guy too, who enjoyed hanging out with us for a pint at the end of the night and breakfast in the morning before his drive back home. Below is his handy artwork for me--he even captured my sport coat; though not the greatest picture with my camera, the artwork is fine.

Thanks, once again to Theo for a great event.

UPDATE 31 March 2013 -- Theo just release the full listing of all the artwork created that evening, available here.


Image:Some Fun at BLUG 

1Andreas Imnitzer  3/28/13 9:20:13 AM  Some Fun at BLUG

Did you hug the artist for creating such a good "real Bill" picture? You should have.

2Bill Malchisky  3/28/13 10:10:39 AM  Some Fun at BLUG

Thanks, Andreas. A few pints made up for the lack of a bro-hug. :) Glad you like the picture.

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