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  • Running Adobe Acrobat Reader on Ubuntu x64

    Bill Malchisky  April 10 2013 01:00:00 AM
    Adobe Acrobat Reader is i386 code that needs one i386 library file --- when installed on an x64 OS --- omitted with the native x64 installation of Ubuntu 12.x. As such, you'll see this error.

    Image:Running Adobe Acrobat Reader on Ubuntu x64

    To fix the issue, run this command

    Image:Running Adobe Acrobat Reader on Ubuntu x64

    From here you'll see this window, which will flow into several screens of files being unpacked and then installed. It's quite a lot. When finished though, Acrobat will run.

    Image:Running Adobe Acrobat Reader on Ubuntu x64

    The process continues with suggested packages and alerting the end-user to what new packages will also be included.

    Image:Running Adobe Acrobat Reader on Ubuntu x64

    Tip -- if you try to run a program from the GUI and it fails to start, the most efficient way to grasp the underlying problem is to run the program from within a terminal window--as illustrated in the first image. This way, when the program fails, you can immediately see the reason, then begin the process to find a solution. Example, for Acrobat Reader, the program just stopped running inside the GUI, but running $acroread provided the error pictured. From there, the solution is much easier to derive.

    1Lars Berntrop-Bos  4/12/2013 1:56:06 AM  Running Adobe Acrobat Reader on Ubuntu x64

    Thanks for the insight!

    For completeness, I would like to know how to get to 'ia32-libs' from 'libgdk_pixbuf_xlib-2.0.so.0' .

    I am hoping there is a generic trick one applies.

    2Stephan H. Wissel  4/13/2013 12:47:33 AM  Running Adobe Acrobat Reader on Ubuntu x64

    Nice summary about the investigative approach! Yep, command line is your friend. Out of curiosity: I'm using the native PDF viewer (Evince?) and Chrome to look at PDFs (and PDFMod to rearrange them).

    What's the use case (I'm sure there is one, but it eludes me) to install Acrobat Reader then?

    3Mike Brown  4/15/2013 5:40:31 AM  Running Adobe Acrobat Reader on Ubuntu x64

    What Stephan said. What's Adobe's Reader giving you over your distribution's own PDF reader?

    It's one of the benefits of using Linux or Mac, IMHO: not having to deal with Adober Reader! Not only is it a bloated pig of an application, it murders you with its constant update requests on Windows.

    4Bill Malchisky  4/18/2013 1:50:15 AM  Running Adobe Acrobat Reader on Ubuntu x64

    @Lars -- good question. There are several ways to define that actually. I am thinking of putting together a separate post on the matter, to cover that topic.

    @Stephan & @Mike -- [Use case] for me, I prefer the additional features, that Adobe Acrobat Reader provides. Yes, I use the native viewer as a default with Ubuntu 12.04 and it is great for quickly reading short PDF files. I do like the outline and thumbnail navigator in the left pane for longer documents in Acrobat, plus the tabbed browsing when I have to toggle between several documents on a project. The native Document Viewer allows one window per document and I find it to be less efficient for reviewing multiple documents or researching an item across PDF files. Each user is different, of course and I certaintly don't need the overhead for every document. Finally, there are more robust printing options which I appreciate too.

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