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  • New Upgrade Tool in Fedora 18

    Bill Malchisky  January 18 2013 06:00:00 AM
    Fedora 18 comes with a new upgrade tool entitled, FedUp. It allows you to perform system upgrades. You can also install it on Fedora 17 so that you can load the RPM there and then utilize the tool to get to version 18. This is a command line tool (CLI), which will download several to a lot of packages (depending upon your configuration), a new kernel, initrd, the will reboot the box to perform the final operations. Know that the code is new and may very well change before Fedora 18 is released.

    From their wiki, they offer a notation:

    Security Considerations

    "FedUp does not yet ensure that only trusted software from Fedora is run on your system when you are doing upgrade over the network. Refer to Bugzilla: #877623 for more details. You can download the ISO release image and verify the authenticity independently before performing a upgrade with Fedup via media or ISO images methods to workaround this issue. Note that neither Anaconda not Preupgrade verified the authenticity of the source either and this is not a regression."

    Of course, with any new software tool, there are some issues. Here are a few experiences. Test it as you may be unaffected, but it looks to be a nice way to move forward and easily upgrade your versions with future releases.
    Unsatisfactory Experience here, another user reported that their HDDs weren't detected, but if you have a freeze after upgrading from Fedora 17 to 18, here is a fix as Red Hat support reported it's not a bug.

    For more information on Fedora 18 and FedUp, try these two links

    Release Notes
    FedUp Wiki
    Fedora Project Wiki
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