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  • New to Ubuntu Linux? Here’s a Free User’s Guide

    Bill Malchisky  September 15 2010 01:00:00 AM
     Image:New to Ubuntu Linux? Here’s a Free User’s Guide
    The latest offering from the Ubuntu Manual Project is now available: A Complete Beginner's Manual for Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx). Those that are new to Ubuntu or Linux desktop flavors in general should find this guide interesting. Others with more experience, might be able to answer a nagging question that they have had about Gnome, never got around to answering, and just deal with their roll-your-own work-around. Experts may find it useful to give to friends or family members that call them for support.

    One additional benefit is jargon assistance
    ; you may be excited to learn or use the new operating environment, but new package names can be a barrier to an optimal experience. This manual provides names of common programs to help you get up and running immediately.

    The guide is free, but in the spirit of full disclosure you will need to provide some contact information to be listed as a recipient, but you can opt-out of future notifications. I completed the process and my Inbox is holding just fine.

    The only issue for me is that the page is non-SSL and I dislike entering personal or private information on unencrypted pages...so to help get-around this, you can use your work address, phone, and e-mail (presuming your company allows this).

    I did find the manual to have ample screen shots with descriptive supporting prose. The PDF is well indexed plus structurally well defined bookmarks make navigation efficient.

    Click Here for the Free Guide. Let me know your thoughts...

    But that's not all...a free  bonus article...nothing is too good for my readers ... "When New Users First Encounter Ubuntu: Six Show Stoppers"

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