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Back, healthy, and did a lot at Lotusphere2011

Bill Malchisky  February 14 2011 03:24:33 PM
Feels great to be back and write on my blog again. Enjoyed a very busy January preparing for Lotusphere, then a busy conference, and got ill while visiting my family the weekend after the event. So, rather than scribe my post-conference blog posts, I was in-bed recovering. Bad timing, but c'est la vie. So, here is my first of several posts on Lotusphere and what I've been working-on.

Very busy conference this year...

First, hosted the Lotusphere Speedboats on a very warm, sunny Saturday afternoon. The process to get from The Dolphin to The Polynesian took :28 and all for free on WDW transit -> bus to Magic Kingdom -> Monorail -> marina, really smooth and easy. The event was a lot of fun. If the weather holds-out with the earlier Lotusphere2012, then we'll give it another go.

Second, wrote eight articles for LotusUserGroup.org on sessions and a Day 2 keynote. Happy to be working with them and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to contribute to their weekly newsletters with Lotusphere content.

Third, was SpeedGeeking. Great to have a podium for that fast paced event. I provided examples for installing Lotus Traveler on Linux. As there was very little Linux content this year at Lotusphere, this was one of two opportunities for attendees to receive it. Liked the experience and met some good people that I actually did not see the rest of the conference. So, a wonderful opportunity on many levels.

Next was onto The Great Geek Challenge, where I cosponsored with my firm, Effective Software Solutions, LLC. We had a table and team of four total, including myself. Lots of get questions and moments in geekdom. Three or four people on the team won spot gifts for correctly answering questions between the team events. So, we had a great team and did well in the end.

Then, it was onto preparing for and co-hosting the return of the Lotusphere Linux Installfest. Excellent fun. We filled the room at the Yacht & Beach Club conference center with attendees thirst for Linux knowledge. Wes Morgan joined after his lab duties were completed and added another expert that attendees could query for technical responses. All of the attendees seemed content and wanted the event to be a main session next year, so it could be held in the Dolphin and have full Internet support and power receptacles. An excellent success.

We received input from multiple vendors that expressed interest in cosponsoring SkiLUG. This proved great news and we will be adding more later this week.
Great networking all week and really appreciated the opportunity to meet with executives

All-around a great event and met many wonderful new attendees.

Image:Back, healthy, and did a lot at Lotusphere2011

1Sacha Chua  2/15/11 5:52:09 AM  Back, healthy, and did a lot at Lotusphere2011

Welcome back to the land of the living and the blogging. I'm glad to hear you've recovered.

The trivia challenge was tons of fun, and one of the highlights of my Lotusphere experience. =) Thank you.

Have fun at SkiLUG!

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