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    Bill Malchisky  January 16 2012 01:00:00 PM
    Today Lotusphere 2012 started with a new format for the opening session. IBM listened well to the feedback last year, and even handled the transition from guest speaker to next segment with humor. Alistair Rennie (@alistair_rennie) paid tribute to the IBM Champions then had Rob Novak (@LotusRockStar) appear on stage to help decide the $1000 question: "Demo or No Demo"; he chose well. Nice short segments, panels of one this year sprinkled in the OGS and after the demo -- key, plus Ron Sebastian back on stage, rather than taking from the back stage com center was welcomed, Brian Cheng (@quasifu) and Suzanne Livingston (@suzielivingston) did a great job with their demos as well. Saw another Sametime Unified Communications demo (fourth successive year +-).Witnessed a Notes and Domino reference with logos on the screen, then they demoed the Notes browser plug-in with Doc Link capability, so you can get to your internal apps seamlessly. Very cool technology. The nagging question for some was, "The demos are nice, but what is behind it?" I think IBM intentionally left that to the attendees to learn throughout the week. IBM Awards were sprinkled throughout the event, also allowing for short segments which helped to keep the audience engaged. And for those playing at home, yes, they went long once again. Dr. Burns from the Child's Hospital in Boston, MA gave a compelling customer story of collaborating with IBM. Alistair Rennie --- in a brilliant move --- dispelled a huge concern for many frequent attendees and partners: What will Lotusphere be called next year? He provided the name as Lotusphere2013 along with dates. Those that were concerned will get more out of the conference now. Overall, great job, IBM.

    One bonus point made clear on Sunday, was that IBM is making Traveler HA (High Availability) only available with either DB2 or SQL Server rather than a nice simple Notes DB and native Domino clustering technology. So it appears if you want HA, you need to invoke software complexity for what should be a simple add-on. Takes out smaller shops from having enterprise caliber tools. Few people tweeted --- that I read --- appreciated this approach. Stay tuned for updates as they are known...
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