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IBM Connect 2014 Saturday Social Events Calendar

Bill Malchisky  January 22 2014 03:00:00 AM
It's that time of year again, everyone heading to Orlando is excited about IBM Connect 2014 and Lotusphere. Mat published his unofficial unsupported ConnectOsphere Notes DB this week and Andy published his annual guide too to kick-off the new year in style. Saturday at Connect/Lotusphere allows us to get the week rolling in a big way. So, let's go to it! Here are the three main networking opportunities to meet and socialize with the IBM/Lotus community. Get your sleep this week, as come Saturday, you won't sleep for a week.
Time Event - Location ICS File
10am - Noon Soccer Saturday - Dolphin Beach Details here and in the ConnectOsphere Notes application too. ic14-soccer-saturday.ics
3:00 PM - 7:30 PM BALD (Bloggers and friends Annual Lotusphere Dinner) - Big River Brewery, on the Boardwalk; early arrivers stop here to meet friends and new people;
Newbie Note:
Some arrive at 2p, most others near 3p; just show-up and have fun
8:00 PM til Close ESPN - formerly Turtle's Party at ESPN (1998-2011)*; located at the far end of the Boardwalk; everyone stops by at some point. ic14-espn-party.ics

*Historical Insight (for people new to Connect and Lotusphere): Richard H Schwartz, handled the old LNotes-L meetup at the 'Sphere, from which the Gonzo Lotusphere sprang. The denizens of the original lnotes-l listserv used to gather for cocktails and dessert during Lotusphere from 1995-97. That faded and Turtle built off that in 1998 with the ESPN party, Saturday evening.
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