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  • Linux Journal: 2010 Readers’ Choice Awards Survey -- Vote for Your Favorites

    Bill Malchisky  June 24 2010 02:21:53 PM
    Image:Linux Journal: 2010 Readers’ Choice Awards Survey -- Vote for Your Favorites
    It's that time of year...the Linux Journal survey is here. What you may find amazing is the sheer number of both types of products and offerings available for Linux today. Some names you might not have heard previously and many old favorites. There are several surprises sprinkled throughout the list. The survey is coinciding with the big Linux buzz generated this week via Twitter and technical press from the Red Hat Summit in Boston.

    Was pleased to see EmperorLinux on the list of laptop hardware vendors. A small but reliable company in north Georgia, USA that does a lot with custom laptop installs. They provided my last laptop purchase, and I have them listed in this blog's Linux Sites section. Not stating to whom you should vote...just happy for them that they made the list. The same goes for Penguin Computing, as they only make and sell Linux desktops and servers. My first two Linux desktops came from them. Good to see them doing well ten years later.

    I also enjoyed the long list of choices for best Linux-friendly web hosting vendor...lots of long-time supporters with a few relative newcomers. And yes, I had to list my Redbook as a write-in for Best Linux Book...no bias I assure you.

    Tip: save a copy of the survey to use as a reference sheet. Afterwards, when you want to try a new IM client, or audio tool for example, you'll have a few product options readily available to try.

    So take a few minutes and vote for the application types familiar to you. Enjoy and remember, only one submission per person.
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