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  • The eDiscovery Primer for Lotus Domino Admins -- A CIYP Webinar

    Bill Malchisky  June 2 2010 12:16:13 PM
    On Tuesday, 8 June, I will be the guest speaker for Consultant In Your Pocket webcast series. The topic is one of personal significance that I am thrilled to present: The eDiscovery Primer for Lotus Domino Admins. You can register here. This is a free event!

    Time: 10:00 AM to 11:15 AM CDT

    Too many companies take the needs for data management lightly, or think that because they are addressing the problem they are fine...but a manager using the term with senior management versus actually implementing an effective strategy completely are entirely different. In my 15 years of working with regulated firms, I have seen far too much of the former. What is encouraging though, is that companies are now taking the topic more seriously, and they know courts no longer allow businesses to slide on subpoena request deadlines.

    Session abstract:
    The need for Lotus admins to assist across intra-company teams while ensuring regulatory compliance is increasing. Whether your firm received a disclosure motion from district attorney, is being sued, or is concerned about either internal litigation or future actions, register for this session. Will your company be ready? Are your response measures taking too long? Will you be able to meet your goals? Join Bill as he provides a brief foray into the area of compliance and data management while providing tips to enhance your implementations. If you've never thought about this topic, or are having internal discussions, tune-in for some exciting and important information.

    Please, come and join us!

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